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Tech Valley, NY /

Lesson Night: Sculpting in Blender

Tech Valley Game Space 30 Third Street , Troy, NY (map)

Presenter: Geoffrey Smith

What we’ll be covering:

We’ll start with an overview of the Blender Interface, and then move on to modeling.

We’re going to cover some of the fundamental, basics to sculpting in Blender, beginning with Box Modeling and Subdivision Surface techniques that will allow learners to get a grasp on how to form a 3D object from concept to 3D mesh.

I ask that students bring along their laptops if possible. But if not, I’ve created a website with some fundamental learning tools and links available at:

If time permits, we’ll learn about sculpting with Blender’s version of ZBrush known as Sculpt. Sculpt allows the artist to form complex 3D creations from a simple sphere – much like modeling from a ball of clay.

If students can stick around, I’d be glad to cover some of the methods used in games and film to make 3D models really stand out with the use of textures and materials.

I’ve also created a website with additional info and Blender basics at:

Suggested Equipment: Laptop with Blender installed


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